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Dear Parents,

My name is Laura Alms and I am the full-time school counselor.  We are fortunate to have, Amy Wheaton, an additional counselor on Thursdays and Fridays and every other Wednesdays.  She rotates Wednesdays between EMS and Foley Middle School.  Mrs. Wheaton and I are both veteran classroom teachers.  I taught 4th grade for 13 years at EMS and Mrs. Wheaton has taught 5th grade for over 25 years.  We are excited to be working together and using our years of experience to help our students.

Elberta Middle School's guidance program is developmental and is implemented as a Competency-Based Counseling Program (CBCP).  A CBCP is based upon desired student outcomes or competencies.  Competencies may be defined as knowledge, skills or attitudes.  A CBCP is required, along with other educational programs, to ensure that all students receive the skills necessary to be productive and active members of our democratic society, possessing self-direction, a positive self-image and an understanding of self and others. 

The competencies are organized under the three broad ares of Academic Development, Career Development, and Personal/Social Development.  Age and grade appropriate lessons in each of these areas at the middle school level include such topics as:


  • Communication Skills
  • Time Management Skills
  • Problem-Solving and Decision-Making Skills


  • Career Exploration
  • Personal awareness of interests, skills and abilities
  • Goal Setting


  • Positive attitudes toward self and others
  • Acceptance and appreciation of individual differences
  • Acceptance of personal responsibility
  • Conflict resolution

SERVICES provided by our school counselor include:

  • Classroom guidance lessons
  • Group Counseling - Loss groups, Children of Divorce groups, Social Skills groups
  • Individual Counseling - Short-term basis to resolve personal and academic concerns. 
  • Consulting with teachers, administration, mental health professionals and others
  • Assisting parents with referrals to community agencies
  • Assisting in parent/teacher conferences
  • Serving as RTI (Response to Intervention) Coordinator
  • Crisis Intervention
Should you wish for Mrs. Wheaton or I to speak with your student, please do not hesitate to either call us or email. Please be aware that there may be a time when Mrs. Wheaton or I may talk with your student due to a self-referral, student referral, teacher/staff referral, agency referral, or Administrative referral. Mrs. Wheaton and I are immediatiely available to meet with any student in crisis. However, every attempt is made by us not to interrupt academic classes (math, science, english, and social studies) whenever possible for non-emergency situations. We have an open door policy for students.  Please see the Guidance Files for more information regarding "The Elberta Middle School Counselor Referral Process." As School Counselors, Mrs. Wheaton and I are here to support your student, and assist in anyway that we can.   

Elberta Middle School's Counseling and Guidance Programs

1. Peer Helper Program certified by the National Association of Peer Program Professionals and funded by the Jennifer Claire Moore Foundation 

2. You Are Unique Program for 7th and 8th Grade- Abstinence Program

3.  The Care House "Online Safety" presentations

4. Bullying Curriculum for 6th and 7th Grade through the BCMHC     

5. Career Cruising for 8th Grade

6. Rollercoasters - Small group guidance

7. Activities/Programs in recognition of Suicide Prevention Week, Red Ribbon Week, Bullying Prevention Week, Youth Violence Prevention Week, and Alcohol Awareness/Prevention of Underage Drinking (Month of April) for 7th and 8th Grade

8. Whole group guidance lessons (grades 4-6) focused on the 7 Habits of Highly Effective Kids/Teens

9. Introduction to the High School Academic Guide for 8th Grade  

Please see the Guidance File section for information on a variety of topics including our Anti-Bullying Policy, Harassment/Bullying Report forms, Teen Depression, and the latest copy of the High School Academic Guide.   

Peer Helper Program

Elberta Middle School is pleased to announce that our Peer Helper Program is now certified by the National Association of Peer Program Professionals. This certification is in recognition of our program's meeting the standards, practices, and ethics promoted by NAPPP to ensure excellence.The program is sponsored by the Jennifer Claire Moore Foundation which currently sponsors Peer Helper Programs in all Baldwin County schools. Our Peer Helpers are trained in 8 core skills: Attending, Empathizing, Summarizing, Questioning, Genuineness, Assertiveness, Confrontation, and Problem Solving.  

Peer Helpers are also assigned new students whenever possible to act as buddies for the transferred students. This buddy system assists our new students in feeling more comfortable with what may be a difficult transition.  We also have assigned students to peer mentor and peer tutor relatioships.

The peer helper program  promotes positive communication and interactions among the student body, facilitates student leadership in bullying prevention, and provides school activities related to suicide prevention awareness, drug abuse prevention, and youth violence prevention.  

Our Peer Helpers have accepted the responsibility of performing a very important service for our school. They have an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of their classmates.

The mission of Elberta Middle School's Counseling and Guidance Program is to empower all students to reach their maximum potential in the areas of academic, career, and personal and social development.

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